Why The Movie Industry Owes A Hell Of A Lot To CGI Animation

Can you imagine Michael Bay's Transformers without the CGI Autobots and Decepticons? It would be unwatchable if it were even ever made. James Cameron's Avatar would have lost the gorgeous visuals that made it more than a Fern Gully re-telling for an older audience. Our old friend Gollum would have just been an… » 4/16/14 3:09pm Today 3:09pm

Individual Frames From The Anime Hunter X Hunter Are Amazing, Revealing

It's always cool when animators give fans a look at the what it takes to create a TV show or movie, and these Hunter X Hunter frames prove it takes a lot of work. Takahiko Abiru, one of the animation directors, has been tweeting some of the 18,000 frames he drew for the show since it was rebooted in 2011. » 4/15/14 7:18pm Yesterday 7:18pm

Catbug Flies Away With Your Free Time In His New Mobile Game

Fly Catbug Fly!, made by Ludoko Studios, is really good at eating up large chunks of time. When you start up a game for the first time, you're liable to straight up lose 20 minutes of your time. Then again, that's the nature of mobile games, isn't it? The ideal offering is something that's simple enough to pick up but… » 4/14/14 6:47pm Monday 6:47pm

The Day Is Saved, Thanks To The Powerpuff Girls' Lack of Fingers

It was always kind of weird how the Powerpuff Girls never had fingers, and this video by Ryan Higa and Toonocracy shows exactly what happens when the girls realize it. This parody does a pretty great job making fun of the show's most famous elements, and even manages to lampshade an old Abbott and Costello joke. Plus,… » 4/11/14 5:00pm Friday 5:00pm

Simpsons Couch-Gag Proves Hand-Drawn Animation Is Alive And Well

Simpsons fans may remember a particular couch-gag from last month's episode, "Diggs," created by French animator Sylvain Chomet. It was a stylistically distinct, hand-drawn take on the gag and it made quite the splash. And now, the production company behind the short, Th1ng, has just released a "making-of" feature. » 4/11/14 3:52pm Friday 3:52pm

Spike TV Missed Out On Secret Stories of Professional Athletes

This video is a clip from the unaired pilot for "Way Out of Bounds," a show that would have animated the untold stories of well known athletes. Baseball legend Pete Rose and comic personality Artie Lange really had this talk, though it was put together from about two hours worth of conversation (and this online version… » 4/10/14 2:00pm 4/10/14 2:00pm

Clarence Is Like A Young Peter Griffin, And That's A Good Thing

Cartoon Network released a series preview of the new series Clarence ahead of its premiere on April 14. The show was created by former Adventure Time storyboard artist Skyler Page, and it kind of brings a similar level of weirdness to the table. » 4/07/14 7:00pm 4/07/14 7:00pm